dijous, 7 de març de 2013

Dia 160 - Any 3 // Day 160 - Year 3

"Legadema and her mother on patrol around the territory. It was amazing how often mother and daughter were in perfect sync." Photo from Wildlife Conservation Films.

Aquest migdia, després de dinar, mentre seia mig endormiscada al sofà,
ha començat un documental a La2 anomenat "Living with Wild Cats".
Des del primer minut m'ha enganxat.
És el seguiment que una parella va fer a un lleopard des dels 10 dies, quan la van trobar, fins als 3-4 anys. M'ha encantat.
Aquí us deixo una xerrada TED que van fer, i on expliquen una mica la seva experiència.

This afternoon, after having lunch, sitting half sleep on the couch,
a documentary began on TV named "Living with Wild Cats".
I was hooked from the first minute.
They filmed a leopard since she was 10 days old until she was 3-4 years old.
I really liked it.
Here is a video of a TED talk they gave explaining their experience.

Al documental, expliquen que mai van intentar tocar-la, però que creuen que ho haguessin pogut fer.
Simplement no ho van fer perquè era el millor per ella, ja que havia de seguir essent salvantge.
A mi, m'hauria costat moltíssim no fer-ho. És tant mona!

On the documentary, they say that they never tried to touch her, even though they are sure they could have done so.
Simply, they didn't do that because it was best for her, she needed to continue to be as wild as she was.
It would have been so so difficult for me no to touch her. She is so cute!

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