divendres, 8 de març de 2013

Dia 161 - Any 3 // Day 161 - Year 3

Concert de piano a la Plaça Reial, Barcelona.  // Piano concert at Plaça Reial, Barcelona.
Avui, els meus pares i la meva germana han vingut a passar el dia a Barcelona.
Hem anat de compres,  sense comprar massa res però;
hem dinat de restaurant i
els hi he ensenyat alguns racons del Raval que no coneixien.

Today, my parents and sister came to spend the day in Barcelona.
We went shopping, without buying many things though;
we went out for lunch and
I brought them to places of Raval neighborhood that they didn't know.

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  1. what a beautiful way to spend outdoors... yeah I often do that, window shopping just to cure the itch of wanting to buy something but not really buying... you know what I mean, hahahh.


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