dilluns, 27 de maig de 2013

Dia 241 - Any 3 // Day 241 - Year 3

L'altre dia, passant fotos de l'ordinador al disc dur, vaig mirar-ne unes quantes.
Aquesta de l'estiu del 2011 a Tuira Beach a Oulu em va fer aturar uns segons.
M'agraden les dues casetes de fusta blau cel amb finestres vermelles {són vestidors},
m'agrada el riu i com l'aigua reflexa els edificis,
m'agrada l'herba ben verda.
M'agrada els records que em porta d'un molt bon estiu a Oulu i a Finlàndia en general.

The other day, while I was transferring photos from my computer to my external memory, I took some time to look at some of them.
The one above is from Summer of 2011 at Tuira Beach in Oulu, made me stop for a little longer.
I like it!
I like the two sky blue wooden houses with red window frames {they are changing rooms},
I like the river and how the water reflects the buildings,
I like the bright green grass.
I love the memories this photo evokes to me of a really good Summer spent in Oulu and Finland in general.

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  1. These remind me of well-kept outhouses, something you don't see much any more. Very nice shot.


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