dimarts, 6 de novembre del 2012

Dia 39 - Any 3 // Day 39 - Year 3

Aquesta tarda, de camí a conèixer l'Artur, el gat de les meves amigues,
m'he trobat amb aquesta bonica postal.

Cel blau fosc apunt de caure un ruixat i arbres amb fulles ataronjades.
Simplement preciós, llàstima que no tingués la meva càmera de veritat.

This afternoon, on my way to meeting Artur, my friends new cat,
I saw this beautiful combination.

Dark blue sky ready to pour some water and trees with orange leaves.
Simply beautiful, it's a shame I didn't have my real camera with me.

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  1. Hi, you are enjoying the beautiful season. I love to see the street view of other countries. Every time new finding.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear friend... hope you had a good one. I hope I am not late, kind of busy today even with the holiday. :)



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