dimecres, 24 d’octubre de 2012

Dia 26 - Any 3 // Day 26 - Year 3

Avui he tornat al Palau Robert per acabar de veure l'exposició que no vaig poder veure del tot.
Després he anat a veure l'altra exposició que estan fent "Ferran Adrià i elBulli"
{gran error, anar a veure una exposició on hi haurà menjar a les tres passades sense encara haver dinat},
però sempre s'aprenen coses noves.

Avui he après que elBulli es diu així perquè la casa era propietat d'un matrimoni estranger que tenia
bulldogs francesos als que anomenaven "bully" carinyosament.

Today I went back to Palau Robert to get to see the rest of the exhibition I couldn't see the last time.
Then I visited the other exhibition going on now "Ferran Adrià and elBulli"
{big mistake to go to an exhibition where it will be food when it's more than 3 p.m. and you haven't had lunch yet},
but everyday you can learn new things.

Today I learnt that reason behind elBulli name is that the house where the restaurant was used to be owned by a couple who had French bulldogs which they called "bully".

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  1. How cute this dog is! French bull is one of my favorite dogs. My friend has one and every time I visit her house, the dog jumps up to me to welcome.

    1. I think French bulldogs are so funny... and in their way they are cute! I love how happy are always dogs when welcoming people! Makes me smile! :D

  2. very nice art here... and the story is fun esp about the food. :) it could very well be me too.

    1. Don't do ever do that, you will starve! hahahaha I say it from experience.


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