divendres, 19 d’octubre del 2012

Dia 21 - Any 3 // Day 21 - Year 3

Avui per fi he enviat les postals de postcrossing que m'havien assignat.
Postals direcció a Hong Kong, USA, Taiwan i Holanda.

Today, I finally sent the postcards I was assigned by postcrossing.
Postcards will go to Hong Kong, USA, Taiwan and Netherlands.

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  1. Yellow post! It's unfamiliar to me, because my post image is always red. Thank you for showing the difference.

  2. Yellow, this is me and my color. I'm a member there too... that's where I mostly get my posts but I've been discouraged lately 'coz most often the ones I get to send in Russia gets lost or expires. But I will go on sending as soon I stack up stamps again. :D btw, I failed to ask you what kind of cards you liked.

    1. Yes, that's true Prem or maybe better yellowtara? :D Oh, I'm so new on postcrossing but Russia is to where I have to send most of my postcards... I would love to send them to much more different countries.


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