diumenge, 10 d’octubre del 2010

Dia 13

Després de més d'un any sense veure'ns, avui hem anat a prendre un iogurt.
(foto del juny de 2006)

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  1. You're pretty much as darling as I thought you'd be! Now I have someone else's photos to enjoy. If only I could read Spanish! PS. DId you notice I mentioned YOU in the newspaper article?

  2. Thank you Samantha! I hope you enjoy my everyday pictures... but they are not as good as yours (I'm still learning with my cam).
    The blog is written in Catalan, so Spanish wouldn't help here. Maybe with google translate.

    And yes, I noticed it! I wasn't sure you were talking about me, but now I feel kind of important. LOL. I've been mentioned in a newspaper interview! :D


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