dilluns, 15 d’octubre de 2012

Dia 17 - Any 3 // Day 17 - Year 3

Temps de fer endreça de l'habitació.
Llençar apunts vells per fer lloc als nous {6 anys de medicina donen per molts apunts},
llençar roba vella per deixar entrar la que em pugui comprar...

A vegades però, aquesta feina es fa massa feixuga i interminable...

It's time to unclutter my room.
Throwing away old notes to make room for the new ones {6 years of Medical School makes for many notes},
throwing away old clothes to let the potential new ones in...

Sometimes, however, this job is too difficult and endless...

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  1. Hi Aiketa,
    I completely agree with you! To throw away useless things is sometimes very difficult to finish. But we must do it to make space!

  2. hey there Aiketa,

    thanks for all the comments and visit... my main blog is now the one you recently visited. The spirit photowalk has been hacked or sort of, just when I was into it already. So I started all over again. :( Sorry for the confusion.



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