dijous, 3 de maig de 2012

Dia 218 - Any 2

Avui he anat a llegir al parc i he acabat el segon llibre de la meva llista de llibres per llegir.
Estic doblement contenta!

Today I went to the park for some reading and finished the second book from my list of books to read.
I am doubly happy!

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  1. I too have so many books to read so little time. :D i think I am more of a book hoarder at these days. hahaha!

    1. Exactly what was going on with me... many books but no time. And as like you a kind of book hoarder. But I decided to change it and read some of the book I already have! I've only read 2 so far... but at least it's something, isn't it?


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