dijous, 2 de febrer de 2012

Dia 127 - Any 2

Les meves esperances de nevada a Barcelona s'estan dissipant per moments,
al mateix ritme que el cel es transforma
d'un cel tapat completament blanc al cel blau i taronja de la foto.

Aquest no és un cel de neu!

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  1. Beautiful pastel colours in this sky!

  2. You really should come here. Even in Helsinki there is tons of snow and temperatures are now only -5 celsius but it might be -20 tomorrow:) I want to come to Spain, see the sun and feel more moisture climate . Mu skin is tickling all the time, I'm scratching my skin to pieces.
    Have a nice week darling

    1. I'll come one day, definitely!
      Oh, here those past days have been so cold. We had wind coming from Siberia so it was really cold. We had snow (but not a lot) and every river was frozen, which here is not something normal. And many areas with minus temperatures.

      Have a nice week too, Henrietta.

  3. Beautiful sky. Similar to one at our home this morning. Thanks for stopping by Joyful Altitude and commenting. God bless.

    1. Oh that sky with all the snow... beautiful combination.
      Thanks to you also for visiting.


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