dimarts, 19 d’abril de 2011

Dia 205

I avui també 2 fotos... perquè a vegades és difícil escollir!

Pujant pels Ganxos Vells cap al Puigsacalm.

Un cop fet el cim i de camí de tornada... foto a l'estil USA!

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  1. JEEEE ¡Enhorabuena!...is that congratulations in spanish...I hope so:) You must be so exited and I'm so happy for you. WELCOME TO FINLAND.
    Now shall we start finnish language studies:)

  2. Yes it is. Thanks!
    I thought about learning finnish... but when I realized how difficult it is... and since the language I'm asked to know is English, I decided that with "hello" and a few more words was enough. Too bad I know...

  3. Molt xules les fotos!! Va ser un bon dia!!

  4. Henrietta, these two words are essential! I'll start a useful Finnish dictionary. Thanks for helping.

    Laura, si que ho va ser, si!

  5. That looks scary! Great photos!


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