dimarts, 12 d’abril de 2011

Dia 198

La Sagrada Família.
Paraules textuals de la Marina: "Existeix cap altra església (o millor basílica) tan bonica?"
I ella mateixa respon: "Crec que no!"

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  1. Ara no+ ens falta entrar-hi!!!! :)
    Algú s'apunta??


  2. Beautiful. I love looking at all your photos.

    What camera and lens are you using?


  3. Ou wou you are coming here thats great. You do know if we have a bad summer it is not so warm here..not even close to Spain temperatures so take with you something else than shorts:) Do you know the sun is not going down in northern Finland and here in southern Finland just for few hours in summertime. How exiting for you.


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