divendres, 1 de febrer del 2013

Dia 126 - Any 3 // Day 126 - Year 3

Avui he portat pastís {fletxa vermella de la foto} a la biblioteca.
Pastís fet amb molt d'amor i amb un ingredient especial {S – O – R – T
per les tres Nenes Maques {fletxes verdes} de la foto.

Avui és l'últim dia d'estudi del MIR per a elles!!!

Today I brought cake {red arrow} to the library.
A cake prepared with so much love and with a special ingredient {L–U–C–K}
for the three Beautiful Girls {green arrows} in the pic.

Today is their last day of study for MIR*!!!

*The exam to enter the Medical Specialty Program.

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  1. Hi Aiketa,
    Meeting and talking and eating together is always nice to spend time. Beautiful ladies!

  2. I also mostly rely on L-U-C-K when baking some goodies, hahahah.... thanks to that four letter ingredient.


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