dijous, 27 de desembre de 2012

Dia 90 - Any 3 // Day 90 - Year 3

Source: Les Miserables movie website.
Avui he anat al cinema a veure una de les millors pel·lícules que he vist mai,
he anat a veure "Los Miserables".
Simplement diré que m'ha encantat i que l'heu de veure.
Jo ja tinc ganes de tornar-la a veure.

Today I went to the cinema to see one of the best movies I've ever seen,
I went to see "Les Misérables".
I will just say I loved it and that you all need to go see it.
I'm already thinking on when I could see it again.

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  1. The truth that once was spoken
    To love another person
    Is to see the face of God.

    Do you hear the people sing?

    1. Singing the song of angry men?
      It is a music of a people
      who will not be slaves again!

  2. I haven't gone yet, what with the holidays so busy... now I will have time to go and enjoy the movie. I love this show too.

    1. Go see it! You will enjoy it so much! And it's good that you have been busy for the holidays! :)

  3. I'm trying to figure out when I can go see it again too. Amazing performances by everyone but Russell Crowe, he seemed to be a fish out of water.


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