diumenge, 22 de juliol del 2012

Dia 298 - Any 2

Dues fotos tirades des del mateix lloc, només amb una lleu desviació a l'esquerra, 
on es pot apreciar com en qüestió d'hores el paisatge havia canviat completament.

Two photos taken from the same place, with only a slight desviation to the left,
where can be appreciated how in a matter of hours the landscape changed completely.
Vistes del poble i el Castell de Begur. // View of the town and Castle of Begur.

El poble de Begur i el seu castell amb el gran núvol de fum procedent de l'incendi de l'Atl Empordà. // Town of Begur and it's castle with the huge smoke cloud from the wildfires in Alt Empordà.

Estàvem dinant en un restaurant a la cala Sa Riera quan m'he fixat que al cel havia aparegut un núvol.
Però m'ha semblat massa fosc per ser un núvol normal, i he pensat que hi havia un incendi.
Mai però m'hauria imaginat que origen de l'incendi podria estar a més de 70km de distància.

No puc evitar que em caiguin les llàgrimes al veure les notícies i les fotos d'aquest incendi.
L'Empordà, terra que m'estimo molt, s'està cremant!
I les condicions no ajuden, la tramuntana ho està fent molt difícil pels bombers.

Els empordanesos, gironins i catalans estem de dol.

We where having lunch at a restaurant in Sa Riera beach when I realized there was a cloud in the sky.
But it didn't seam to me to be a normal cloud, and thought there may be a wildfire.
But I could never imagine the origen of the wildfire to be more than 70km away.

I can help but cry every time I watch the news or see photos from the wildfires.
L'Empordà, a land so dear to my heart, is burning!
And the weather conditions aren't helping, the "tramuntana" wind is making it really difficult for the firefighters.

People from Empordà, Girona and Catalonia is mourning.

A newspaper article about the wildfires: here.

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  1. Hi Aiketa
    Sorry to hear the terrible news of wild fires.

  2. Nature can be so devestating but it also has the ability to renew itself. I'm really comforted to know that you are okay but saddened by those who have been so badly effected by this fire.

    You live in a beautiful place Aiketa...I must confess your photos are stunning

  3. Both photos are stunning.

    Happy sky watching.

    City View

  4. Such beautiful images of a beautiful place!
    I am so sorry about the catastrophic fire. I hope the blaze can be stopped!

  5. hi, never been to your country so it's fun to see beautiful photos of it. I have ancestors from Iceland and made a trip over there last August-it is so picturesque and sparsely settled. More on my blog about it with photos or see youtube iceland 2011 trip by Lin Floyd. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

  6. Very nice skyscape composition! I love them both.

    Cheers from Bohol, Philippines. Visiting from SKYWATCH.



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