divendres, 18 de maig de 2012

Dia 233 - Any 2

Mentre no us puc mostrar les fotos del concert d'en Bruce Springsteen d'aquesta nit,
perquè m'he deixat el cable per passar les a l'ordinador a Barcelona,
us deixo aquesta foto, d'un dels edificis que més m'agrada de la ciutat, i que vaig tirar camí a l'Estadi Olímpic.

Meanwhile I can't show you my photos from tonight's Bruce Sprinsteen concert,
because I forgot the cable to transfer them into the computer in Barcelona,
I bring you this photo, of one of my fav buildings of the city, that I took when I was on my way to the Olimpic Stadium {where the concert was held}.

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  1. lucky for you to have seen bruce in concert! never got the chance... the last one i went to concert was Sade's last year. hope I could go this summer. :D Have a nice day friend.

    1. It was my first time and I really liked it! When they are good artists, even the tickets are so expensive, I think is a good way to invest them. I am all for life music and performances of all kind. It's the best!!!

  2. Aiketa, you visited my sky shot post a few weeks ago. Afraid I am just now getting time to catch up on the post I missed while I was in hospital and recovering from my surgery. I had a few hiccups but and starting to get back to normal. Thank you for the lovely comment and especially the get well wishes.

    I also appreciate your posting the translator for folks (like me) who never learned the value of being bilingual. I have been scrolling your sight and want to let you know you have some wonderful post. I have to do my traveling vicariously through blogs like yours. Thanks for giving me the tour of your country.


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