dilluns, 2 d’abril de 2012

Dia 187 - Any 2

Avui, a través d'un comentari a "You, Me & Charlie",
he descobert aquesta frase
de Sarah Bar Breathrach que m'ha encantat.

Així, que no he tingut altre més remei que crear aquesta foto amb la frase.

Espero que us agradi.

8 comentaris:

  1. wow, i love the blooms so fresh and very spring... thanks!

  2. This is lovely, Aiketa!

    Do you happen to use/visit Pinterest? http://pinterest.com/
    You should add this there! In case you've not seen it, You Me & Charlie have a board/boards there: http://pinterest.com/youmeandcharlie/?d

    I'm very much enjoying your blog and your photos! Thank you for the link, I'm looking forward to more exploration!

    1. Thank you The Mor-Ríoghain! I'm happy that you like my blog and pics. :)

      No, I don't use Pinterest... If you do, and you want to pin it into some You, Me & Charlie board go on!

  3. Hi Aiketa! Wonderful pic with a wonderful quote :) And thanks for visiting me deiar!


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