divendres, 30 de març de 2012

Dia 184 - Any 2

Arribar a Girona, en un dia soleiat de primavera, baixar del cotxe
i el primer que sents és l'olor dels arbres fruiters florits.
Quina bona olor, i quin plaer!

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  1. I love the blossom. Can you believe it it snowed snow yesterday. Whne I woke up and look outside it was a shock, all was white again, arrghh. Some of my work colleges was in Barcelona last week in Promax conference and they said it was so nice there, warm and sunny:) Thank goodness I'm living to Holland in few weeks, there is much nicer weather.

    1. Thanks Henrietta!
      I can understand your shock... and I totally understand also that you are so looking forward for the Spring to arrive and to leave snow behind.

      Enjoy your time in Holland!


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